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How to find out your progress in boxing

Boxing, also known as soft sports, is one of the oldest and most effective combat sports. By effectively combining punches with footwork and head movement, a boxer can produce powerful punches and also have good defense, and can protect others too. 

Maybe you’ve been taking boxing classes and training for a while. But you’re not sure you’ve made good progress. Well, you can be sure that you will definitely improve if you practice and practice regularly. Boxing is a journey, so learn to embrace every step of it instead of rushing to the finish line. Still to check whether you have reached the level, here are 5 points that will tell you have much you have improved in boxing 

1) You can get through each training session without burnout

Before your body gets used to those intense boxing workouts, you can be quite prone to burnout. Well, everyone does it from the beginning so you’re not alone. The problem with boxing is that it is physically demanding, so most beginners have to take a break from time to time and get their breath back during training. But the good news is that over time, your endurance has improved a lot and you can now complete your workouts without feeling too exhausted.

2) Various combinations can be executed smoothly

At first, it may be difficult to execute various combinations smoothly. Especially when you have to consider head movement and footwork as well as striking. Luckily, you were patient and you were finally able to figure out the details of the technique that matters. Now you can throw different combinations smoothly.

3) Punches are more explosive

Besides punching at high speed, you can see that the punches are more explosive. That means you’re getting stronger and closer to a knockout punch. Of course, strength needs to be built over time, so always focus on getting the technique right the first time. Especially if it’s a new technique you haven’t mastered yet.

4) You can protect yourself more effectively.

You might have tried to defend yourself earlier but maybe you weren’t able to slide properly or dodge as fast as you needed. Well, it happens in the beginning – especially if you’re not very tuned in. But over time with a lot of practice you’ve gotten better at defending yourself against hits, and now you will be able to react much faster.

5) You Started Sparring

Sparring is one of the exciting milestones that every martial artist will face at some point in the process. So, when you get to this point, you will definitely know that you have made significant progress. Because not everyone gets the chance to spar. Especially in the early stages when there are still so many skills to practice.


When your instructor allows or recommends you to spar, it means that you have shown him that you fully understand the technique and can apply it correctly. Sparring can seem pretty scary at first, but you should still give it a try, because it deepens your understanding of not only time and distance, but also different technologies.

Final words 

Boxing classes are all about practicing new techniques and improving the older ones. Even if after a lot of practicing you cannot find any improvement in your boxing skills then it’s time for you to look for something new. Supremeteamboxing is a well known company that provides boxing classes for beginners as well as people with past experience in the field. The trainers associated with supremeteamboxing give boxing training that will make you the master of this sport within a few years. So if you wish to join boxing then my suggestion would be to go with supremeteamboxing.