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How to find the Best Boxing Gym Classes Near You

Finding the best boxing gym classes near you is important, as boxing becomes almost a way of life, so picking a gym that helps you on your boxing and fitness journey is important. Here are some things to consider when choosing your home gym.

  1. Price – Looking for the cheap boxing classes near you might not be the only thing to consider. Eating well before and after workout is very important. Your body will need more protein as your metabolism increases so consider making room in your budget for good food and hydration.
  2. Location – Finding boxing classes near you is important as you want to fit your workout into your work schedule and life-style. Pick a gym that’s easy to get to on the train and has parking options. Or if possible within 15 min walk (or if you’re up to it – RUN). It’s a great way to stay healthy and even increase your longevity.
  3. Options – Not every gym provides other options like kickboxing / muay-thai, karate, krav-maga, bjj and other mma options. Trying other forms of martial arts is a great way to improve your body from head to toe.
  4. Quality of Training – Some gyms focus on fitness, which is good – however good technique is very important so you gain the benefits of proper movement and learning a real martial art, like western boxing or kickboxing. They gym should have awards, titles and active fighters to keep things fresh and founded in techniques that work.
  5. Options for Kids and Adults – Finding a boxing gym near you that is good for the entire family is important. As perhaps as a parent you need to work out your kid, teen and yourself. Find a boxing class that is good for the entire family and all levels.
  6. Good for all Levels – Find a boxing gym that is good for beginners, intermediate and advanced training as you will need to grow in fitness and technique over time.

If you’re looking for the best boxing or kickboxing gym classes near you, consider Supreme Team Boxing which has many pricing options for your budget and schedule, and is conveniently located off the 7 train on 33rd street on 34-09 Queens Blvd Long Island City, Queens, New York. With best boxing and kickboxing classes for kids, teens and adults both group and private there are many options where you will get quality training with award-winning professional coaches, good for all levels.

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Started in 1985 Supreme Team Boxing dominated the NYC Golden Gloves all through the 80s & 90s, and continued to train fighters to achieve World Heavyweight Championships and WBC super middleweight titles in boxing and WKU titles in Kickboxing – as well as, community, humanitarian, leadership and excellence awards. We’re committed to work with communities, celebrities and champions of all ages to achieve greater heights. Our professional coaches continue to teach amateurs, professionals, celebrities, kids, teens and adults high-intensity group and private classes in boxing, kickboxing and other forms of MMA.