Technique & Fitness Training


Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime – Boxing. Come train with world-class, award-winning professional trainers who will not only give you the best fitness around, but train you in proper technique.


Discover the best kept secret in fitness today – Kickboxing. Come train with martial arts athletes with dozens of years of practical experience and gain the benefits of strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and confidence.


Give the gift that lasts a lifetime – Kids & Teens benefit greatly from endurance and balance training from boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts. It builds confidence and balanced energy for youth.


Continue your fitness and skill growth with Karate and MMA training and techniques. Learn proper form and stance for greater power and balance.

Bully Prevention & Self-Defense


Early life can be challenging and bullies can channel negative energy to others. Bully prevention helps teach your kids how to become more mature and deal with the weakness of others emotionally, mentally and if necessary physically.


Staying aware of your surroundings, keeping cool and if necessary defending aggressively is important to self defense – as is becoming familiar with your limbic system and adrenaline.


Increase your conflict resolution skills by learning the principles of Krav Maga. Become more aware of your surroundings, take a responsive posture and react appropriately to change the mindset of your attacker quickly.

Amature & Pro Training

Sparring + Fight Scheduling + Promotions

For those looking to start a career in amature or professional boxing, join the supreme team family to get the edge in sparring and scheduled fights. Our top-class trainers have helped dozens receive their titles.

For over 30 years Supreme Team has been there to see our fighters win titles and go on to great things. Whether working with celebrities or young hot new talent, we’ll support you in your path to greatness.

Exclusive Private 1-on-1 Training

For over 30 years we’ve helped business professionals and celebrities hit their fitness goals considering their need for privacy and exclusivity.

Exclusive Private 1-on-1 Training

For business professionals and celebrities we offer private 1-0n-1 training for you to get an edge. Whether you’re interested in training in our private secure dojo or an in-home experience, we travel nationwide.

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