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Why is boxing important for women?

Sports is a good way to maintain your physique whether you are a man or a woman, but the problem that every woman faces is the decrease in their bone weight as they grow older. To overcome it every lady or a woman must try sports like boxing or even kickboxing can help. With a personal boxing trainer they can help build their body in a way that will not only help them in future but will also have a good impact on their physical, mental and reproductive health. 


Here are some of the reason a woman must try boxing in the first place: 

1. It is a sport that trains and shapes the muscles.

Boxing is a sport that naturally increases muscle tension through regular and repetitive movements. Whether you’re learning punching techniques, moving properly, or doing fitness exercises like push-ups, squats, and crunches, your entire body arms, abs, legs, butt is gradually increased or comes in shape. 

2. You will burn calories and fat throughout your body.

This is a sport that will make you sweat in no time. An hour of boxing can burn hundreds of calories.

Of course, this will depend on your intensity level, type of exercise, basic fitness level and weight.


Some of the calories you burn are stored as fat in your body, such as in your belly. But that’s not all. Because boxing is a dynamic sport, it benefits your arms, hips and buttocks. A woman after an age starts accumulating fat that needs to be removed out for better movements, boxing is one of the ways to do so. 

3. The cardiovascular system is improved.

Boxing helps to strengthen the heart muscle by improving the heart rate. Boxing is also a sport that combines strength and recovery. Whether you’re hitting a punching bag, sparring, or jumping rope, these interval workouts gradually improve your endurance and cardiovascular system. 

4.You’ll get stronger

Boxing does more than just build muscle. It also actively reinforces them. Your arms and legs will of course become stronger. But it’s primarily the core that benefits not only the abs, but also the lower back and hips. A strong core means you train longer, improve your technique, improve your posture, and increase the accuracy of your movements.

5. You’ll feel better 

Sport is a great way to release endorphins, hormones that make you feel good. Given the intensity of boxing, these hormones are released very quickly. What could be better than hitting the punching bag after a hard day’s work?


Boxing is a great way to build confidence if you learn punching, slipping and footwork. It should always be remembered that this sport is an empowering sport that increases physical and mental endurance.

6. With the right equipment you can choose a place to box

Of course you can box at a boxing gym or sports center with punching bags and pads, but practice at home. Depending on the equipment and goals you want to achieve, you can train alone or with a motivated partner.

7. Maintains the mensuration

Boxing will not only maintain your muscles but will also handle your menstruation cycle. It is the best way to maintain your reproductive health.

Final words

Boxing can be a fun way to maintain your health, with boxing classes in New York women can also help to maintain their body and avoid any difficulties in future. 

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