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Where can I find a boxing trainer?

Finding a personal boxing trainer can not be easy if you are unaware of the place you need to start from. Nowadays every boxing class claims to give the best boxing training but the actual reality is far from that. Here are some few ways through which you can find your trainer 


I know this point comes first to mind while searching for a boxing trainer. You might see or hear about any gym that gives boxing classes to beginners or train kids, but the main step here is to look for a more reliable advertisement. Don’t fall for something that says it can teach you Boxing skills within 15 days or a month. Boxing is not a matter of months. You need to give at least 3 months of your life in learning the basics of this journey. 

2. Social media

From the last few years social media has become the best platform for making people know about a business. Every boxing trainer takes social media as a medium to propagate their business, they give almost every information to the person interested in boxing classes like the price, duration, time and the equipment he/ she uses to teach the same. Advertising apart from social media is less reliable so it’s better to go for social media search, visit the boxing class page available on that social platform and view the comments mentioned. 

3. Relatives or friends

In-person review is better than any other information. Any of your friends or known people who take boxing classes can recommend you the right one according to your needs and wants. Ask them about their actual experience in the field of boxing and plan your journey according to it. But don’t forget that every individual has their own story so don’t fully rely on others to decide your’s. 

4. In person visit.

This might be a hectic way but the most reliable way of getting to know about a business and what are they going to provide. Visit the place where they will be giving their classes and get yourself comfortable with the place. If your mind says that the services provided by them and money demanded are worth giving a short then get yourself enrolled. But if you are not convinced, give another class a chance and then make the right decision. 

Final words 

Above I have mentioned some ways through which you can search for the right boxing class with a good and experienced trainer and the best boxing Gym in Long Island City. Don’t hurry while making this decision as there is a long way to go, the first step of choosing the right mentor is actually the most crucial step which needs to be carried out with a calm and pressure-free mind.