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Top six boxing classes in New York

Anyone who wants to train hard and improve their strength and endurance should seriously consider taking boxing lessons. A great way to test your body and learn the self-defense skills you’ll need for a lifetime. However, it is also a difficult activity that requires proper preparation and a lot of practice to master. And while many New York City gyms offer boxing classes for beginners, it’s important to find a place that you feel comfortable with. If you’re ready to get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best boxing gyms in NYC to start your boxing journey


1.Supreme Team Boxing, Queens, New York 

Supreme Team Boxing is a company that provides boxing classes for beginners and self defense training to kids in New York. Since 1985, Supreme Team Boxing has won numerous World Heavyweight Championships, WBC Super Middleweight Boxing Titles, WKU Kickboxing Titles, Community, Humanity, Leadership and Excellence Awards. They are committed to working with communities, celebrities and champions of all ages to reach greater heights. Their fees are very less as compared to the services they provide, their ultimate motive is to serve the majority of people of its nation. 


2.Overthrow Boxing, Bowery

The Overthrow Boxing Club is an East Village underground boxing club offering group classes, private lessons, boxing accessories and apparel. Located in a building directly across from the famous CBGBs rock club, the Overthrow Club has a trendy punk feel that complements the gym vibe. They advertise themselves as both a gym and a lifestyle brand connected to the local culture. In addition to all-a-carte classes, we also offer a membership program that includes a certain number of free classes and discounts on equipment and merchandise.

3. Trinity Boxing Club, Tribeca

Trinity Boxing Club is a gym owned by trainer Martin Snow located in Lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. They offer training sessions designed to give the average person a chance to train like a pro without the black eye and raw egg smoothies. They put a lot of emphasis on the mental side of boxing to help you train your mind to face challenges and get better..

4. Gotham Gym, Greenwich Village

Gotham Gym is a no-frills training facility offering quality boxing lessons and glove rentals. Located in Greenwich Village, one block from the Hudson River, Gotham is the regional center for some of New York’s best boxing events. They offer group classes and individual workouts with elite trainers tailored to your training goals and personality..

5.Work Train Fight, SoHo

Work Train Fight is a boxing gym and training camp studio located in Soho. They offer individual and semi-individual training as well as group classes in disciplines such as boxing, kickboxing, strength and conditioning. The gym boasts large, well-maintained facilities and elite trainers with great track records.

6. Rumble Boxing, Various Locations

Rumble Boxing is a chain of small boxing gyms with several offices in New York and New Jersey. They offer unique training classes that aim to emulate real combat experience. In the Signature class, participants undergo 10 high-octane rounds, metabolic conditioning and cardio, all in a 45-minute workout. They adjust the lighting and music to match the energy of your training session for maximum workout enjoyment. Rumble boxing is suitable for those who want to get in shape quickly and don’t mind breaking a little sweat to achieve their goals.

Final words

With boxing personal trainers you can get the best results with whichever gym you join. As mentioned above there are many companies offering the best boxing classes but when you talk about the best then Supreme Team Boxing has no competition there.